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At Giant Strides Fitness, our goal is to help everyone reach their fitness potential. We want men and women to learn to believe in themselves and understand their real potential. It’s about creating new positive habits for a permanent change; learning to really listen to your body and working-out smarter.


It’s time to EAT CLEAN
It is that time of year when all the holiday parties are over, there are no more big-game parties to worry about…so now it is your time to do something ..

Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Who’s With Us?
On February 15th, Danielle will begin the Advocare 24 Day Challenge to help get back into shape after having her baby.  Who out there wants to join her? ..

Real Housemoms


Windgate Ranch

3-days a week mid-morning fitness program, just in time for fall!

Windgate Ranch

Fitness Boot Camp for men and women, three times a week at Windgate Ranch in Scottsdale

Feb-01 to Feb-28
Windgate Ranch

As the kids are heading back to school, you can head back to boot camp with a great fitness special!