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Giant Strides : Testimonials

"I began attending Giant Strides Fitness boot camp in September, 2011 as a way to add diversity to my workout routine. I admit I hadn’t been consistent. I was a 47 year old weekend warrior who was too tired after work to go to the gym. My first few workouts with Danielle showed me just how out of shape I had become! I stuck with it and I quickly began getting compliments from my husband and girlfriends that I looked great...and I felt great too!

In February, Danielle mentioned she was creating a running group for the San Diego half marathon. I had NEVER been a runner, but Danielle seemed to think that I could do it. She planned a 10 week schedule for me based my heart rate zone and gradually increased mileage so that I never felt stressed. I still wasn’t convinced I could run the 13.1 miles but I kept to the plan. I was scared of the unknown, but I actually finished the race in 2:08 which exceeded all of my expectations!

I plan on running with Danielle for the Ladies Speedstick half marathon in November. I would like to run under 2 hours eventually, but more importantly I am enjoying myself and the Saturday morning running group. It’s been a great experience and Danielle’s experience and training as made all the difference."


" I made the decision to commit to running the 1/2 marathon with a lot of fear and worry. Thinking primarily that there was no way I would be able to do it. But it was something I had always wanted to do. So after talking with Danielle about the training program it didn't seem so scary and building up to the longer mileage was a process that seemed like something I could fit into my life.

The training was actually a lot of fun! We started out slow and would meet for our longer runs as a group on Saturday mornings. I got to the point where I even looked forward to the Saturday runs. For me it was fun and a sense of accomplishment and time to spend with new friends where we could encourage each other in attaining or goal. With the training program the goal was to be able to run the 1/2 marathon and feel good crossing the finishing line. All of my hard work paid off, because I did feel great crossing the finish line and ran it faster than I thought I would.

Since the 1/2 marathon on June 3, 2012, I've decided to take on the challenge again in November. What I enjoyed the most was having the goal of training for the event and completing my weekly mileage, which gave me more energy, kept me in shape and gave me something to strive for. I have set a personal goal to finish in less than two hours which I think is achieveable! "